Few words about me
Born in Palermo (Italia), true-blue Sicilian. From 2019, Estonian digital resident.
Photography is my language for capturing emotions and fragments of life. I am drawn to the ability to discover talent in a fraction of a second and immortalize it forever.
My photographic style is fueled by emotions, whether I find myself in the midst of a concert, in front of a passionate dance like tango, or immersed in theater. My goal is to capture authentic moments, telling stories through images that reflect the beauty of life, the street, and shared experiences.
I also dedicate myself to documentary projects, seeking to capture the complexity and human richness. My photography is experimental, driven by the desire to constantly deepen my understanding of visual art.
I speak Italiano, English, Français, Русский.​​​​
"I wanted to paint, but I became photographer"
I can introduce to you my eyes and my heart, my vision, and my passion. Feel free to say "Ciao"!
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